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Salvation is a gift from God that cannot be taken away. When a person is saved, he is always saved. Nothing can separate him from eternal life in Christ and he can live with full assurance of Heaven as his future home.

I want you to get this as the main point of all we will discuss in these sermons. Heaven is a place primarily for the glory of God. All that God does in the salvation of people is for His glory. Heaven is no different. He brings His people home for the purpose of bringing glory to Him.

Heaven is a part of our psychological makeup. We shouldn’t wonder why people everywhere and in all times have interest in heaven. All cultures in human history have a theology of heaven. God put His own existence in man’s heart and along with it comes the innate knowledge there is life after death. Something is there and its always been there and no matter what culture you study there is always a theology of heaven as a prominent part of their belief system. There is only one way to explain this. There is a Creator—there is a God who made us and gave all of us an interest in things beyond this physical life. The biblical record of Adam and Abel and Cain and going on to Enoch and then Noah and on to evil Nimrod after the flood, show this consistency of belief in God and in life after death. The fact there is something beyond the grave is never in question in human history. (Excerpted from the sermon Headed for Heaven, by Pastor V. Mark Smith)


Sermon Topics:

SUNDAY - 11:00 A.M.
May 29
Headed for Heaven, Pt.15
June 5
Headed for Heaven, Pt. 16
June 12
Dalton Abshire, Sr.

SUNDAY - 6:00 P.M.
May 29
Living for Jesus: Living in Wisdom, Pt. 14
June 5
Living for Jesus: Living in Wisdom, Pt. 15
June 12
BBC Youth Recital

May 25
All Church Prayer Meeting
June 1
Fundamentals of the Faith
June 8
All Church Prayer Meeting



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11:00 a.m.

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